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Good Beer for a Do-Gooder Cause

Since 2014, Do Right Industries has partnered with Lagunitas Brewing Company to combine our love for beer and burlesque in order to raise money for community nonprofits across the country.

While standing out in the world of craft beer is no easy feat, Lagunitas Brewing Company has pummeled their way to the top — boasting an amazing collection of novelty beers that tell the captivating story behind the Northern, CA brewery.


Lagunitas offers several programs to support do-gooder causes:

1) Beer Donation - These self-proclaimed “Beer Fairies” have raised thousands of dollars for various nonprofits thanks to their generous donations.

2) Tap Room Fundraiser - Lagunitas opens their doors to nonprofit organizations to turn money into beer for the cause. Do Right Industries partners with Lagunitas’ Community Room in Portland to throw burlesque fundraisers for Planned Parenthood.

3) Festival Sponsorship - Are you planning an upcoming festival? No need for BYOB! Lagunitas can supply the booze for your next event.

4) Nonprofit Grants - Not only does Lagunitas provide beer for a good cause, they also provide grants to support their communities in Arts, animal welfare and musical education.

There’s a lot of beer out there, but Lagunitas Brewing Company is truly bucket list worthy. And lucky for you, it’s available nation


Want to know more about how Lagunitas can help make your next fundraising event a success? Check them out at:​


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