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I'd Rather Go Commando: Back in Stock!

I am sure you have all heard the phrases “Jam out with your clam out” or “Hang out with your wang out”, those two phrases are the very first things that came to my mind this morning when I ran out of my house without my panties on. Actually I will be honest, my very first thought was, “Oops, here we go again!” and then a rush of familiar liberation. Luckily I remembered that I have my favorite tank sitting right in the front seat of my car that reads, “I’d Rather Go Commando”. So, let the games begin.

I have to tell you as I was walking around panty free and rocking my tank, I felt like a badass. What is more sexy than having a secret you don’t have to share with anyone else? Well actually, I guess I am sharing it since it is splayed across my tank in bold print. But, does anyone else really need to be clued in on the validity of my rad tank? I guess it will be our little secret.

If you are like me you love a shirt or tank that makes a statement and our “I’d Rather Go Commando” tanks and tees definitely do! Thankfully for all of you beautiful, underwear free, people out there both of our styles are back in stock and are only $30, and every purchase helps provide free entertainment to Veterans Across America. I don’t know about you, but I am all about freeing the muff for my country and rocking a tank that is made right here in America.

If you are just as excited as I am about us restocking these righteous tanks and tees you can purchase one right here at so you and I can now share in the fun and excitement of our panty (and boxer) free movement. Will you keep my secret?

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