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Now Offering Corporate Wellness

Do Right Industries is proud to announce that we have develop a line of corporate wellness solutions. Corporate wellness is mediation, yoga, and other mindfulness solutions that give your employees the tools they need to do their jobs happily & productively. Benefits Include: ◦ Mental clarity and Improved concentration ◦ Enhanced creativity and productivity ◦ Emotional balance and better decision making ◦ Empathetic relationship with other staff ◦ Calmer happy work place ◦ Supports happy day to day stress reduced living

We offer workshops designed around your company. We come to you, or we can meet you at your next company retreat. Our teachers make mindfulness modern and are recognized experts in their chosen fields.

Workshops include:

Corporate Yoga

EFT or Tapping


Sound Baths

and many more mindfulness practices ... Our goal is to change your culture and improve the lives of your team. You will see stress, employee burnout, and performance anxiety get replaced with an increase in happiness, focus, productivity and boosted creativity. We offer single sessions and 4-8 week Programs, Workshops, and Retreats that are specific to your company's needs.

To learn more - click here

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