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Swinging Into Black History Month With All That Jazz

Los Angeles Jazz Society brings jazz education concerts to elementary schools

WHAT:The Los Angeles Jazz Society is celebrating 26 years of presenting free interactive jazz education concerts during the month of February, Black History Month. This year over 23,000 children in 45 LAUSD elementary schools will become acquainted with jazz, its history, styles and artists. WHO:Dr. Bobby Rodriguez, Ernie Fields, Jr. and Charles Owens are the leaders of the three jazz combos. All well-known and highly respected jazz educator/musicians. WHEN:On February 4th, the combos will kicked off the month long program and visit the first three elementary schools. Performances take place almost daily until the end of the month. WHY:The purpose of the Jazz in Schools program is to participate in the celebration of “Black History Month” by acquainting young children with jazz; to appreciate the important contribution made by African Americans to American culture. Every combo includes a woman and a Spanish speaking player to demonstrate the connection with Latin Jazz and that the art form is all-inclusive. The program also helps fill the gap in the performing and visual arts in Los Angeles Schools due to budget and program cuts. In order to include the entire city equally, the schools are selected by City council District, with 3 schools in each district. Please visit the Los Angeles Jazz Society online to learn more about this exciting program that inspires hundreds of young children (6-12+) to get excited about music - dancing, clapping parading through the aisles of the school auditoriums all around LA.

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