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The Glitziest Arts Education Nonprofit In The World: BurlyCon

2014 is proving that BurlyCon is more than an annual weekend of sparkly striptease education – its mission is to make burlesque bigger and better year-round! Through charitable giving, educational sponsorship, and community outreach, BurlyCon is pulling out all the stops to preserve and promote the art of the ecdysiast all year.

BurlyCon is an annual non-profit burlesque convention that preserves and promotes the art of striptease by providing historical education, professional guidance, in-person networking opportunities, and skill instruction from some of the world’s top performers and producers.

BurlyCon presents no shows and contains no audience. Activities are focused on the behind-the-scenes components of burlesque arts: building skills, deepening knowledge, and growing as a community. BurlyCon is committed to supporting personal transformation through creative artistic expression in the burlesque arts.

BurlyCon attracts hundreds of burlesque performers, fans, and aficionados from around the world, featuring over 100 workshops, panels, peer reviews, social events, and exclusive shopping.

Do Right! Industries is proud to be co-producing this endevaour with Kitty Kat Demile, LA Based Burlesque Performer. The ladies will be at BurlyCon's Annual Event October 9-12 to film dozens of performers attending the convention.

Please email for more info.

For more information on BurlyCon Please visit

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